Presentations at WhereCamp Berlin

Our community members are happy to share their presentations! 

For further discussion regarding their subjects don’t hesitate to contact them.

imageMichael Straeubig

Game Designer at i3Games

  The World is our Playground- Location Based Games

imageProf. Dr. Barbara M. Grüter

Psychologist and Professor of Human-Computer    Interaction at the Hochschule Bremen 

   Mobile Games


imageChristoph Bünte


    Rosemary (a ruby client for the OSM API)  

imageChristian Geissendoerfer

CEO at Yoose

    Mobile Consumer Engagement & Location Based Targeting

imageChristian Bäuerlein

Media System Designer at flinc 


imageProf. Dr. Bernd Resch

Visiting Professor at University of Osnabrueck

    Pervasive Mobile Sensing

imageMichael Huebl

Founder of flinc. 

    Realtime Ridesharing with navigation devices

imageAdam Mencwal

CEO at ARnav 


imageMax Hartmann

Student Worker at Nokia

    Population Grid

imageKonstantin Plotnikov

Senior Javascript Software Developer at Nokia

Data Visualization in 20 mins

imageLukasz Balamut

Senior Software Engineer at Nokia

    The Taxi App

Grischa Gundelsweiler, Axel Schäferimage

Esri Deutschland GmbH

Create, Share and Consume Maps with ArcGIS

Frederik Wiehrimage

Adaptive Routing-Generating route instructions with varying levels of detail

*if you want to share your presentation, get in touch with us

2012 Summer of Hacking at Nokia goes on!

Can’t stop coding? Constantly thinking about software frameworks? Have a crush on HTML5?  Then join Nokia for a summer of hacking!  With a new centralized web presence, the Nokia Location Platform offers all the latest tools and resources to help create the next big app.  

Whether you’re a student who has insight to hottest trends, a freelancer exposed to multiple facets, or a full-time developer with the experience and expertise in specific disciplines – this hackathon should be part of your summer plans. 

It’s simple – just visit and choose any of our offerings to create your app for a chance to have it profiled on our site.  The winners will receive the beautiful, amazingly fast Nokia Lumia 800, a free premium platform license for up to one year, a developer profile on our landing page and a hacking t-shirt to broadcast your talent!  We’re looking for the most thoughtful, innovative and meaningful apps from the brightest and most creative minds.

Bring your imagination (and your app) to life!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Jan Nowak ( / @HumanNexus)

Some event statistics

We had great speakers, great presentations and a lot of fun at the event. So lets see some statistics:

Page views:image



Attendee geography:


AR Goggles at WhereCamp Berlin

Recon Instruments decided to support our event in a very unique way – provide demo sessions for their latest innovation product – Augmented Reality for Goggles.

Recon Instruments is the Vancouver based company behind the world’s first Head Up Display (HUD) called MOD Live. Designed especially for skiing, the HUD provides real-time performance information to the user including speed, jump statistics, altitude, distance traveled, temperature, vertical distance traveled. It also connects via Bluetooth to smartphones so the user can see SMS, caller ID, and their music playlist without getting their phone out their pocket.

MOD Live has a navigation feature so the user can view runs, points of interest and even their buddies on the mountain. The easy-to-use user interface is navigated using a wireless remote

For those who would like to extend the experience on a mountain peak, MOD Live can be ordered here and costs 399.99 EUR.

NFC cards for WhereCamp Berlin participants

Great news for us – we have NFC cards for all our attendees.

If you don’t know what does ”NFC” mean just look on wikipedia: “Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimetres. Present and anticipated applications include contactless transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as Wi-Fi.”

Let’s try to find more by using them!

WhereGroup is with us at WhereCamp Berlin

Peter Stamm, Co-Founder & CEO @WhereGroup_com: “WhereGroup is where the
knowledge meets, and therefore supports the WhereCamp in Berlin. We will
be there to discuss and to share ideas, and to bring in our experience
as one of the leading geo-companies in Germany. We are looking forward
to seeing you in Berlin!”

Check the event agenda!

Our agenda is available!

In order to manage your time we offer a short description of the way the event will be run.

Be aware that the schedule is subject to change, so check back on Friday, 22nd for updates.

Final list of sponsors


Thank you all for helping us to make this awesome event!

Test drive a Nokia Lumia 800 for WhereCamp


Nokia brings it to WhereCamp, literally! Move up your smart mapping experience to a higher gear by trying out the latest Nokia Drive and Maps applications on one of our best Windows Phones. Contact Jan Nowak ( to express your interest and grab one whilst stocks last. Be fast – only 8 available.

Thanks Akaparis for your help!

Andres Westermann, CEO & Co-Founder, Akaparis GmbH:

“The WhereCamp Berlin is a unique platform which connects people from science and industry dealing with spatial information and technology. Akaparis is happy to support the event with its HyFlyr App offering helpful information for participants in the form of digital flyers.”